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About Us

MVM College of Pharmacy

MVM College of Pharmacy, a new age pharmacy institution was founded in 2010 by a group of eminent citizens. MVM College of Pharmacy is located in North Bangalore in an ultra-modern facility and has well equipped lab and passionate faculty. 

MVM College of Pharmacy welcomes every student to an atmosphere that is conducive for knowledge enhancement by the subject experts and pioneers in the Pharmaceutical field.


MVM College of Pharmacy intends to Create Professionally Competent Pharmacists to Serve Humanity


We intend to achieve our vision by imparting continual learning and updation in the theoretical, practical, didactic and ethical aspects of pharmaceutical and health sciences as a whole

Who we are

MVM College of Pharmacy was established by MVM Educational Trust  headed by Sri. MV. Muniraj, who is the Chairman of the Trust.

MVM Educational Trust was founded in 2010, with an objective of delivering the profound knowledge towards student’s community by the pioneers and leaders and subject experts. With regular innovation and intervention in the field of education.

MVM Educational Trust welcomes every student to an atmosphere that is conducive for knowledge enhancement. Other than what is written in the prescribed books, the teachers encourage students to explore more reference material so as to increase their knowledge.


We believe that each one is unique and special in their own way. Keeping this in mind we aim to give each student an opportunity to become his/her best by understanding student requirements and capability. The college is set up in a wonderful campus, with an exemplary library set up, having innovative and empathetic teachers who are interested in overall development of a student.

Sri.MV. Muniraj

Chairman, MVM Educational Trust

MVM Educational trust was founded in 2010. 

MVM College of Pharmacy founded in 2010 is a young and vibrant center of pharmaceutical education. Our vision is to create professionally competent Pharmacists and Pharmacy professional to serve Humanity at large. This vision we foster allows and emphasises our learners to learn, train and update continually for gaining competencies in Pharmaceutical Universe, and also have a holistic education to adopt to the present-day challenges but also be model citizens to serve our nation at large.

In a highly cross-functional domain like Pharmacy, learning and updation should happen continually not only one the theoretical plane but also in the practical, didactic and ethical aspects of this noble profession. Until and unless learning solutions relate to real life and motivate the learner to acquire and apply the knowledge, the whole process will remain only partial. MVM College of Pharmacy, has set specific objectives and planned activities for achieving excellence in all spheres of Pharmaceutical education.

MVM College of Pharmacy with its passionate faculty is highly motivated to create personally mature, professionally equipped and service-oriented Pharmacists to serve Humanity.

Sri. Mukesh Surana

Director, MVM Educational Trust

MVM College of Pharmacy, founded in 2010, is a young and dynamic institution of learning in Pharmaceutical Sciences. 

We at MVM, intend to make you the leaders in the vibrant domain of Pharmaceutical Sciences, not make a mere career in Pharmacy. We prepare you how to Learn, Live Life to your fullest potential. In other words, we mould you as leaders and not as followers. Our comprehensive curriculum and co-curricular activities combined with academic syllabus makes sure that what we profess is achieved during your study with us.

We do not feed you with mere facts and knowledge instead; we motivate our you to be the source of knowledge yourselves. It has been possible by team of our highly accomplished and motivated faculty who mould themselves first, before they mould the students.

Welcome to Learn, Live, Life!



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Core Values

  1. Students are the primary reason we exist as an institution.
  2. We live integrity, civility and honesty.
  3. We relentlessly pursue excellence.
  4. We embrace diversity and inclusion.
  5. Creativity, inquiry and scholarship are our culture.
  6. We teach, we learn, we interact, we nurture, we grow citizens for tomorrow, and we do the basics and more.